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Step One:

Schedule a Free Consultation The first step to our program is determining if our program is right for you. We will do a physical exam, discuss your goals and realistic expectations.

If there is an aspect of the program that concerns you, then you are under no obligation to agree; the consultation is absolutely free. If you are a good fit for our program, then we will work with you to get started. We also provide payment arrangements on any services that your insurance may not cover; we are flexible on any payment structures to get you started.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation

Step-Two :

We provide you the tools. If you start our program, then you will be sent an activation link in your email. From here you will fill out all new patient paper work online on our secure and encrypted website. Once you are finished with your paperwork, then our doctors will do a physical exam and you will be provided all the information and medications to get started.



Regular in Office Checkups and Consultations once per week, you will come in so we can monitor your health improvements, weight and fat loss progress. We can do this through electronic pulses of energy that can distinguish fat, water and muscle in your body. This lets us know what percentage of your body weight is fat; so you can monitor the reduction in your body fat percentage as well.

This will also be a time for you to sit with your physician and discuss how you are progressing in our program. We are happy to answer questions, and give you advice if you hit any setbacks. It is important for us to solve any setbacks as soon as possible, and keep you on track to your goal weight.

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