5 Reasons Men Should Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy!

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Testosterone begins a gradual but steady decline in men around age 30.man1

Let’s look at five reasons men should consider HRT:


Reason 1: Enhanced sexual motivation

Testosterone plays a vital role in male sexual interest. Without healthy levels of this hormone, males tend to have erectile issues.


Reason 2: Improved memory

Men who take part in HRT have often reported they notice an improvement in their memory. In addition, they have noticed the ability to maintain a well-balanced mood.


Reason 3: Improvement in muscle mass

Men who suffer from low levels of testosterone often endure low levels of muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy, however, will help overcome this issue as well as help prevent bone loss.


Reason 4: Lowered risk of heart disease

Because HRT has been known to lower cholesterol levels in men, this form of therapy proves to be a great weapon in the fight against heart disease.


Reason 5: Increase in energy

Men who don’t have healthy levels of testosterone will often feel terrible. From being tired all the time to suffering from major mood swings, testosterone plays a vital role in how men are able to function from one day to the next. With hormone replacement therapy, an increase in energy is almost always noticed. In addition, because of a more stable mood, men often report they don’t suffer from depression when taking part in this type of therapy.

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