10 Days of Testosterone!

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Day 9

Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the more visual symptoms of low testosterone, as the hormone supports healthy hair production and maintenance. This symptoms most often manifests in patchy hair cover on the head, or even baldness in women. Body hair is also affected, though these symptoms are typically less noticeable, particularly in women who regularly shave their legs and armpits.

As mentioned, one of the possible side effects of hormone replacement therapy is increased hair growth. This may be a good thing if depleted testosterone levels have caused you to lose hair, but if not, they may be unwanted. It’s extremely important to take supplemental doses that will restore your testosterone to normal, rather than excessive levels. This will keep the possibility of developing such side effects in check, and can help reverse many of the symptoms of androgen depletion. If you undergo this type of therapy, you will require careful, regular monitoring by a health professional.

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