10 Days of Testosterone!

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Day 8


Even though testosterone is considered a “male” hormone, studies link a decrease in normal levels to a increased anxiety, which can, in extreme cases, cause symptoms like panic attacks. Again, these symptoms occur because testosterone plays an important role in mood and neuropsychiatric regulation, and hormonal fluctuations can cause changes in brain chemistry that trigger symptoms.

As mentioned, anxiety isn’t the only psychiatric symptom associated with low testosterone in women. Depression and a consistent and pervasive low mood can also result. Like depression and low mood, anxiety symptoms are often misdiagnosed and, as a result, mistreated with unnecessary drugs. However, you should note that testosterone supplements can also cause mood imbalances. In particular, they can trigger major mood swings and an increase in aggressive behavior. Always proceed with caution, and always make sure that you’re not taking too much testosterone or you might experience some unpleasant side effects.

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