10 Days of Testosterone!

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Day 5


Depression, mood swings, and other unexplained emotional symptoms can be caused by decreased testosterone levels. These symptoms occur because the hormone helps regulate more than just energy levels and libido; it also plays an important role in mood stabilization and mental focus. Other neuropsychiatric symptoms of low androgen levels in women include a generalized lack of motivation and a loss of interest in activities the patient once enjoyed. Patients also frequently complain of a pervasively “low mood,” which may not descend into full-blown depression but is nonetheless constantly present.

The mood-based symptoms of reduced testosterone levels in women are often misdiagnosed and treated with antidepressants and other drugs, when hormone therapy holds the potential to yield similar results with a lower risk of complications and side effects. While these symptoms may be among the most noticeable, you should evaluate yourself carefully for the presence of others to reduce your risk of a root-cause misdiagnosis. At Complete Hormone Solutions, we treat many symptoms with all natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  We would love the opportunity to help you start living again with BHRT! Call today to schedule your appointment! 256-350-9880 or take our ONLINE TEST for your FREE CONSULTATION!

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