10 Days Of Testosterone!

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Decreased Libido

As we age, many of us tend to be less sexually active. However, when testosterone is low, women experience more sudden and extreme sexual changes—including reduced libido, vaginal dryness that makes intercourse very painful, and a general disinterest in sexual intimacy. This happens because testosterone plays an extremely important role in sexual arousal in both men and women, and people of both genders who are suffering from deficiencies will naturally have a decreased interest in sex.

Hormone replacement therapies and other treatments can restore your sex drive to normal levels, but you should proceed with caution, and you should never self-treat a suspected testosterone deficiency. Mood swings, the development of male secondary sex characteristics, increased body hair, chronic headaches and sleep apnea can all result from the improper treatment of reduced androgen levels in women.  We at Complete Hormone Solutions have had the privilege of watching many of our patients experience a drastic change in there libido! We would love the opportunity to help you Start Living Again with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy! Call today at 256-350-9880 or take our online test for your FREE CONSULTATION!

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